From Android to Windows Phone

My android phone suddenly just refused to charge or turn on and I’m mid contract planning on moving to contract free soon. I ended up with Windows Phone because for $100 the Lumia 520 was surprisingly good, unlike the $80 goPhone android model they had at the at&t store. And I’m far too dependent on a smartphone to go even a few months without one.

From Android to Windows Phone

I like WP more than I thought I would. It has it’s perks and it’s very usable. I mean the fact that for $100 with no contract I can get a WP is amazing. That said, being heavily invested in the Google ecosystem I too will probably switch in a few months once the nexus 5 is out.

A few things you didn’t mention that have bothered me… First, IE. It’s just not that great. I’m used to Firefox mobile on android, with lastpass integration. There are some 3rd party browsers for WP but they all seem to be based on IE. The rendering is weird, the first time I fired it up and tried to fill out a form I couldn’t even tell if a checkbox was checked or not. Also while FF or Chrome on android will pretty much handle any webapp with JavaScript, I’ve found things that just don’t work with the WP IE.

I also really really really miss MightyText. Having text message notifications pop up on my computer, and be able to reply on my computer with a real keyboard, is just so much nicer. I don’t look at my phone all the time so having that on the computer means I don’t miss text messages because my phone is in the other room.

Also, while SkyDrive integration is nice, I find it takes a while for my phone photos to show up on my computer. With Android / Dropbox if I take a photo, it syncs to my computer within 30 seconds usually.

And just to say ditto on notifications. Sometimes the phone dings at me and I have no clue what just happened because there’s no central spot to go look for notifications.

And now to end on a positive note, two things I really like about it over android: the phone is LOUD. This is probably less Windows phone specific but holy crap the speakers are way better than any android / iPhone I have had. Secondly, the other day I was out biking and it paused my pod-cast and told me I had a new text and asked if I wanted to read or ignore it. Wearing my Bluetooth headphones i just said ‘read’ and it read it to me, then resumed my pod-cast. Now that was pretty slick.