Samsung to Release Galaxy S5 in January

Samsung could be looking to unveil their next Galaxy flagship phone, S5, less than half a year after it launched Galaxy S4. Korean giant has not experienced great sales with the S4, and if the reports are to be believed, the company could be launching its next device sooner than expected.

According to an article published in South Korean news, Samsung will release the Galaxy S5 in January, with the phone hitting the market shelves in February. This way, S4 will be superseded by S5 and former still would not even be a year old. The issue that Korean giant does not realize is that most of the people are stuck on two year contracts with Galaxy S3, and thus upgrade to S4 is not possible for most. It is like the iPhone upgrade cycle.

samsung galaxy s5 release date

Galaxy S5 is expected to feature a 64 bit Octa core Exynos processor, 16 megapixel OIS rear camera and an even bigger display, which further blurs lines with Galaxy and Mega series.