Samsung Copies Windows Phone UI on Tizen Phone

I knew from the moment I saw Windows phone that Metro UI was the future of design language, this is never going to stop, companies are going to keep ripping Metro UI and looking more and more like it, its up to Microsoft to draw the line and say this is enough and there protect their design language, everyone from HTC one with Blinkfeed /panorama UI to Samsung and its Galaxy S4 hubs which is a blatant copy of WP music hub etc to iOS 7 and Moto X with its stock WP camera UI even Android since ICS 4.0 has been copying Windows Phone, WP has the most desired design language even app developers and websites have mimicked Metro aka Modern UI OS, Metro has spread like wildfire. They even used the same messaging icon! What on earth is Samsung smoking!

Samsung Copies Windows Phone UI on Tizen Phone

Step 1: Let Samsung release it
Step 2: Metro style gains more popularity
Step 3: Microsoft sues Samsung
Step 4: WP takes chunk of Samsung’s share due to lawsuit
Step 5: ??
Step 6: Profit!

samsung tizen phone

samsung windows phone tizen

Microsoft may eventually fall victim to their own design language simply because more popular companies, Apple, Samsung, Google has been copying Metro in time Microsoft will get lost in the sea of sameness as consumers won’t really see the appeal of metro after all the more popular competition has a very similar design language, why leave? Microsoft has to protect their design language or otherwise mark my words it will happen. via unviewedviews.