Best Windows Phone 8 Xbox Games

I’m going to judge this based on only xbox live games that I have bothered to get 200 gamerscore. After all if you can be bothered playing the game to completion it must be fairly compelling right?

* The first game that got me really excited about Xbox Games was ilomilo – it’s a little bit on the childish side but its actually a really good puzzle game.

* Glyder is a very fun exploring/ adventure game which involves flying around. It’s an obvious iOS/ android port but worth the money.

* Kinectimals has a very childish gameplay but for some reason I was compelled to collect all of the animals. Not so much replay value once you’ve finished it – great for (young) kids though.

Now the games I have bothered to finish but don’t think warrant a mention:

* Doodle God – Very repetitive. Was fun for a while but I ended up looking online for cheats.

* Full House Poker – Easy achievements. Not really a good game.

* Risk – Easy achievements. Not really a good game.

* Geodefence – Not bad if you like tower defences. Gets repetitive quickly.

And some honourable mentions (not a total of 200 gamerscore or I’m close but haven’t gotten all 200 gamerscore):

* The Harvest – That last achievement requires far too much playtime but this is good for many hours of entertainment.

* Project Sunburst – Sadly delisted and no longer playable.

* Shuffle Party – Only 50 gamerscore but free and quite fun for a casual game.

* Crimson Dragon: SS – Great sidescrolling shooter. Really nostalgic.

* Max & the Magic Marker – This aquanauts almost. Really fun puzzler if aimed at children.

* Bejeweled Live – An guilty pleasure of mine really. That last achievement takes forever.

* Asphalt 7: Heat – Really polished racing game. Will literally heat up your phone and melt it in your hand (joking on that last part).