RaspPi Kiiboard has Raspberry Pi 2 inside

RaspPi Kiiboard is a keyboard that can do the function of a mini PC. It packs Raspberry Pi 2 inside which is one of the smallest PCs ever built. While the Raspberry Pi 2 has remained a niche product as it requires high degree technical knowledge.

RaspPi Kiiboard review

RaspPi Kiiboard review

RaspPi Kiiboard on the other hand has all required ports that one would need on a modern computer. You get a full fledge HDMI video output port and two USB ports. The user can decide whether to use the RasPi Killboard as normal keyboard or an all in one computer.

RaspPi Kiiboard reviews

To do this, the designer had to remove the doors from the original PCB of Raspberry because the motherboard does not have available ports on one side and thus he had to rewire all contacts to get them to get up to the bracket which also eliminated the Ethernet LAN because RaspPi Kiiboard only uses Wi-Fi. He was also kind enough to upload a video explaining this grueling process.

The key on the keyboard have a retro look which makes it look very unique. It clearly takes us back to the golden era of the Commodore VIC20, C64 or Amiga.