TrekStor SurfTab 8.0 review and first impressions

TrekStor SurfTab 8.0 is an 8 inch tablet that runs Windows 8.1 operating system. First hands on Trekstor SurfTab 8.0 review video is also available courtesy of tabletblog. TrekStor SurfTab 8.0 is a windows 8.1 Intel tablet that features Intel Atom Z3735G quad core processor clocked at 1.83 GHz clock speed. It is current on sale at amazon for around 120 euros. The first impression is quite good, but there are cheaper alternatives.

TrekStor SurfTab 8.0 is not particular exciting but has some good hardware inside. Specifications include 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal flash memory and a micro SD card slot. There is a camera on its back packing 2 megapixel low resolution camera but I do not think it matters on a tablet. In addition to Windows 8.1, you also get a free annual license for Microsoft Office 365 software.

TrekStor SurfTab 8.0 review

The SurfTab Wintron 8.0 comes with a plastic housing with highly glossy surface. Since the one reviewed was in white, fingerprints were not visible. On the sides, two stereo speakers are present.

TrekStor SurfTab 8.0 reviews

While the Wintron has good price – performance ratio, we still find it difficult to recommend it. The reason is that there are better tablet competitors out there whose prices are lower too.