Surfr iPhone 6 Review, case with solar panel

Surfr has a unique ability to charge the iPhone 6 using the solar panel located on the back of the case. As the case has to accommodate the solar cells located at the back, it is a bit bulkier than rest of the iPhone 6 cases out there. If thinness matters to you, you should stop reading this review.

Surfr Apple iPhone 6 Review

EnerPlex Surfr Review

Surfr is not cheap. It costs a whopping 100 dollars but then it is the first Apple MFi (Made for iPhone) certified iPhone 6 solar and battery case. It features 2,700 mAh internal battery that provides more than 100 percent extra battery life. EnerPlex Surfr’s integrated solar panel can keep you charged up when in a pinch.

Surfr iPhone 6 Review

Surfr iPhone 6 specifications

Product Dimensions:154mm/15.4cm (6.1″) X 74mm/7.4cm (2.9″) X 14.8mm/1.48cm (0.8″)
Battery Capacity:2,700 mAh
Battery Life:Standby Time: Up to 375 Hours; Talk Time: Up to 20 Hours; WiFi: Up to 15 Hours; Audio Play: Up to 75 Hours; Video Play: Up to 16 Hours
Battery Type:Lithium-Ion
Recharge By:Micro-USB
Output:Lightning Connector
Power Output:1 Amp
Warranty:1 Year

Surfr can receive a charge any time it is in sunlight. However, many factors will affect the performance of the solar panel, such as if there is a window between the panel and sunlight, if it is cloudy, whether or not the panel is angled directly at the sun, etc. Also keep in mind that a solar panel of this size is largely intended for emergency situations, not necessarily as the primary power source for the Surfr.

EnerPlex Surfr Review

Also the solar panel on the Surfr cannot directly charge your phone’s battery, instead, it will send its power to the Surfr’s internal battery which you use to charge your phone as needed. The estimated time to fully charge your Surfr for iPhone 6 using the solar panel only is 24 – 34 hours, which is why it’s intended for emergency situations.