NVIDIA GTX 1180 on sale by a Vietnamese store are fake

It is clear that the supposed launch of the new graphics cards from NVIDIA, the GeForce GTX 1180, is a very controversial issue due to the almost total absence of information about this new and expected graphics model. So, it is not surprising that, as soon as the slightest hint of information appears to be real, almost all the media run to give it as such.

fake nvidia 1180 gpu

However, not all the information circulating about this new Nvidia 1180 graphic is true and many times, these media ought to stop and analyze the things before giving pabulum, because they end up creating false expectation s for users. One of the first things that should have fixed this means is that the pictures of these alleged NVIDIA GTX 1180 have been manipulated by software editing of images.

If you look at the photos, you will see that here are several things that do not fit :

Since when does a Assembler NVIDIA first take their custom models, when normal is that out first the reference designs? Both photos are completely identical. That they share the same dissipater is not something so strange, but it would be very strange that both packages were traced, when it comes to different series.

If you look at the first photo, the numbers 1180 that are on the green background are not well aligned. The number is copied with an image editing program. In short, the information falls under its own weight. Something that later has been confirmed by the VideoCardz website with a tweet:

The name of these graphics was confirmed in error by a Lenovo employee. What is confirmed is that the new graphics cards will be called NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1100, given that a Lenovo employee unintentionally confirmed this information during an event held by the assembler of laptops.

As it has been confirmed that NVIDIA will hold an event during the next Gamescon, for which several invitations have been sent. Now, from there to say that this event will be for the presentation of the new graphic cards there is a stretch that other portals have had no problems in traversing despite there being no data to support this theory.