NOX HUMMER X 1200W: your new top-end source with Platinum certification

NOX HUMMER X 1200W review

The NOX brand never ceases to amaze us. If the RGB trolley and tempered glass have been quickly mounted, today with a little more delay due to the obvious design complications, it presents its top end source, the NOX HUMMER X 1200W with platinum certification.

The latest NOX comes to tighten the market more in the high-end sources. Without a doubt it is a giant step for a company that until now was competing in the mid-range, because with this NOX HUMMER X 1200W enters the market of premium sources, where the quality / price factor is looked at the millimeter.

With this NOX HUMMER X we will find a power supply of 1200 watts in total being ATX12 V2.31 with active PFC. Designed for heavy users, this new HUMMER X has an improved structure, where larger dimensions give it a series of advantages in terms of cooling and efficiency.

The power in these cases does not work if we do not obtain a great efficiency, for that reason we need components of the highest quality and an outstanding refrigeration that maintains the temperature in an optimal range of work.

In addition, in a source of this draft is always looking for excellence, because although we have power / efficiency / quality users look for the icing on the cake as a low sound.

NOX HUMMER X 1200W review in Spanish, but very useful.

That’s why NOX has equipped this HUMMER X 1200W with Japanese electrolytic capacitors that can work at a temperature of 105 degrees, matching what other premium brands offer in their sources at the same watts.

To curl the curl, this source has been endorsed through the RoHS and ERP 2013 directives, being labeled as Eco Friendly and thus maximizing the carbon footprint to the minimum possible.

The efficiency is covered by an 80+ Platinum certificate that guarantees that this NOX HUMMER X 1200W manages to maintain 92% of the energy at full capacity, only transforming the remaining 8% into heat. That would mean that of its 1200 watts 1104 would be effective and only 96 watts would be dissipated by its dissipation system.

To achieve this NOX has arranged a system of several phases divided into correlative modules with dense heat sinks.

To be able to cool said heatsinks, the Spanish brand has installed an ultra silent 120mm fan that will be thermally controlled, which guarantees at all times the lowest possible noise and a correct temperature in any scenario.

The technical details are completed with its full modular system, which will allow a much simpler and cleaner assembly in our equipment and step in this HUMMER X 1200W.

NOX HUMMER X 1200W specs price

The rail system goes through a single + 12V rail that will be accompanied by a multitude of protections: OVP, SCP, OPP, SIP and UVP, finishing by rounding a source that will not be, to the delight of the more compact equipment, very elongated.

On the contrary, for its established power of 1200 watts it will be quite compact:  187.8 x 145.7 x 86 mm.

At the moment NOX has not offered availability date or price, but if you want to consult a technical detail you can do it through its official link.