Vanilla ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9: ROM without Samsung UI and applications

note 9 vanilla rom

This is vanilla ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone. If you despise Samsung’s user interface and prefer the plain Google Android experience, install this AICP ROM that does not come with proprietary software that Samsung includes in its smartphones.

Everything is working except for power off issue where if you switch off your phone completely, it won’t boot again. Don’t fret though as you can go into Note 9 TWRP and then reboot the system from there to get back in.

Other than that, everything is working in this ROM including dual speakers, home button and MTP.

How to install this vanila ROM on your Galaxy Note 9?

* Make sure Galaxy Note 9 TWRP has been installed and functional.
* Download the latest build from here.
* Reboot to recovery
* Wipe data and cache (required if you switch from other ROMs). Even better if you have nothing to loose and wipe system,data,cache,storage etc
* Flash the latest build (and gapps). GAPPS ARE NOT INCLUDED use opengapps 8.1.
* Reboot and enjoy