NEC FC-P34W FC-P36K FC-P31X desktop PCs for monitoring and medical institutions


NEC Corporation (NEC) has released desktop PCs FC-P34W, FC-P36K, and FC-P31X that are intended for use in facility monitoring and medical institutions. The basic price excluding tax is $2,723 (293,000 yen), $2,146 (231,000 yen), and $1741 (188,000 yen).

All three models, NEC FC-P34W, FC-P36K and FC-P31X are PCs intended for use in environments that require stable and continuous operation, such as monitoring and management of factories, infrastructure equipment, and medical systems. NEC FC-P34W, FC-P36K and FC-P31X boasts high durability against temperature, vibration and noise.

FC-P34W is equipped with Intel Xeon E-2124G, FC-P36K is equipped with Intel Core i3-8100, FC-P31X is equipped with Intel Celeron G4900, and SATA SSD (240GB / 500GB) and M.2 NVMe SSD (100GB) are also supported. Clearly, these desktop PCs are not powerful but that is not the purpose of these computers.

As for OS, in addition to Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2016/2019, Windows Server IoT 2019 and non-installed models will be prepared.

Clearly, these desktop PCs are not cheap but they are industrial grade and meant to run 24×7, all day, all year without any interruption. This is why they are being charged higher despite packing specifications that are found in sub-$400 computers.