Intel Atom Z3795 Review Specs

HP and a slew of other computer manufactures have churned out tablets with Intel Atom Z3795 processor. We were able to run geekbench benchmark on it so that can compare with the likes of Intel Atom Z3770.

Intel Atom Z3795 specs

Clock speed 1.60 GHz    1 processor, 4 cores
Processor ID    Intel Family 6 Model 55 Stepping 8
L1 Instruction Cache    32 KB x 4
L1 Data Cache    24 KB x 4
L2 Cache    1024 KB x 2
L3 Cache    Not available

Intel Atom Z3795 Benchmark and Review

The Geekbench 3 score is 970, while the multi core score is 3065. Let us see how it does some other popular Atom CPUs out there. The Z3740 for instance got 789 and 2537 Geekbench 3 and multicore score respectively and the Z3740 was not a snail by any means. I have seen many bloggers using its video encoding capabilities to encode videos on their tablets. The Asus T100TA uses the same chip and you can check out various reviews saying that it was not a slow tablet at all.

Intel Atom Z3795 Benchmark

The Atom Z3770 that is being used in Dell Venue Pro 11 got 931 and 2948 in the tests respectively.