Install Clockwork Mod Recovery on LG Nexus 4

If you have already unlocked the bootloader of the LG Nexus 4, you might want to install custom recovery like CWM on it. Here are the steps on how to install clockwork mod recovery on the Nexus 4.

nexus 4 cwm

1. Download flashboot and extract its contents. Name the folder fastboot.
2. Now download CWM recovery image from this link and move it to the fastboot’s folder.
3. Swift off the phone and boot it into fastboot mode. You can do that by pressing power and vol down button together. You will find Start written on the screen. Connect your Nexus 4 to your computer now.
4. Type in these commands using ADB.
fastboot devices
fastboot boot recovery-clockwork-touch-
fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-
fastboot reboot

5. If the recovery was successfully installed, your phone will reboot.