Galaxy Note 2 Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Lime Flip covers

Samsung has released a slew of new range of flip covers for Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 phones. These flip covers are similar to the one that I reviewed last month. The prices of these new flip covers have not been increased and you can get one for $39.99. Samsung is, however, selling two for just $49.99 or four of them for $99.99.


Here is how the Blue flip cover looks like:

Orange Note 2 Flip cover:
orange galaxy note 2 flip cover

Pink flip cover:

Lime flip cover:
lime galaxy note 2 flip cover

Green flip cover:
green galaxy note 2 flip cover

Check out Galaxy Note 2 flip case review. I personally love the feel and look of these flip covers.

Galaxy Note 2 flip case review

They not only protect the phone’s expensive screen but also enhance the overall appearance. Also check out Galaxy Note 2 back cover review.