Gigabyte Z390 Designare: new board with SSD AIC PCIe Dual in RAID 0/1

Gigabyte Z390 Designare

Silently Gigabyte has launched a new mid-high-end motherboard for the Z390 fashion chipset. While it is true that currently the brand has covered all the possible spectrum of the market, weeks after its long presentation presents its latest plate: the Gigabyte Z390 Designare.

At the moment we do not know what is the position that this board will occupy within the wide segment currently available to Gigabyte for 1151, but what is clear is that it will not be within the low or medium range.

This Gigabyte Z390 Designare has very large features such as a system of 12 + 1 digital power phases with DrMOS, which will prevent any lack of power or stability even with the i9-9900K under overclocking.

Another of the strengths of this plate will be the cooling system for the 12 + 1 phase and VRM that it includes, since it echoes some of the thermal improvements that Gigabyte has included in many of its high-end plates. This way, we will find Direct Touch Heatpipe technology together with high quality thermal pads, increasing the heat dissipation surface and maintaining a great aesthetics.

One of the details that has caught our attention has been the DisplayPort Input, so that from our graphics card we can connect a DP cable to our port on the board and through two ports Thunderbolt 3 take two outputs to other devices with a maximum resolution of 8K.

This is especially designed for artists and professional designers, who generally require auxiliary cards to take full advantage of these features and ports.

We can not forget the inclusion of SSD AIC PCIe with RAID 0/1 configuration, since this way the NVMe units can connect directly to the CPU without going through the chipset, eliminating any bottleneck that the speed of the slowest buses can produce.

If we talk about storage we have to talk of course of the M.2 ports, which in this case Gigabyte has natively incorporated into two compatible ports up to 22110. Both will be cooled with the Gigabyte Thermal Guard system, so our M.2 SSDs will be as fresh as possible.

The features do not end here, as Gigabyte has included two Intel Gigabit LAN network cards that are supported with the Gigabyte cFosSpeed software, to manage network traffic and thus improve network latency.

To top it off and in terms of connectivity, Gigabyte has included a next-generation wireless solution compatible with 802.11ac Wave 2. Thus, the brand claims that we can obtain a wireless Gigabit performance being twice the previous generation.

We can not forget the Bluetooth 5, which offers a range 4 times higher than version 4.2 and allows retransmit data at higher speeds.

At the moment Gigabyte has not been announced as to availability or price of this Z390 Designare, but seeing as is the market should not take long to have it ready for sale.