Galaxy S5 Mini Underclock Overclocking ROM

You can overclock or underclock Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini by flashing the Slim6 Marshamallow ROM. The developer has enabled graphite, strict aliasing, memory sanitize, cortex tuning and pthread. There are a few build.prop tweaks as well. He has removed camera, gallery, browser, email and STK. A host of useful applications have been installed which include:

Galaxy S5 Mini overclocking

– MiXplorer – A fantastic file manager –….php?t=1523691
– Viper4Android –….php?t=2191223
– Material Design Xposed installer ( Note you still need to install the framework.This can be done via the app)…aller-t3137758
– Substratum Theme Engine – A Layers theme manager –…ratum-t3423623
– Kernel Adiutor-Mod –…ernel-t3333549
– Adaway – Ad Blocker app
– Nova Launcher –…launcher&hl=en

Here are some overclock  / underclocking controls.

* Compiled with self built optimized UBER 6.3 toolchain
* Unlocked CPU frequencies: 1500MHZ,200MHZ and 300MHZ
* Updated Linux kernel from 3.4.39 to the latest 3.4.113
* Added many optimizations (You can see all of the optimization flags in the makefile on the kernel source page)
* Enabled graphite
* Fading LED’s
* Added Drivedroid Support

Added GPU governors include Zzmoove , Hyper , Alucard , Darkness , Nightmare , Wheatley , Smartassv2 , Dancedance , Pegasusq. Added I/O schedulers : Zen , Sio , Fifo , Fiops , Tripndroid , Vr

Installation instructions:

– Download the zip file
– Copy to your phone
– Reboot into Galaxy S5 mini TWRP recovery mode (Volume-Up + Home + Power button)
– Wipe Dalvik/art Cache, Cache, System and Data (inside Wipe -> Advanced Wipe)
– Install Slim6
– Install GAPPS
– Reboot