Nexus 4 Android Nougat 7.1 download: Nexus 4 unlegacy android project ROM

Nexus 4 users are used to vanilla android experience and what better than having latest android 7.1 nougat ROM onboard? This is pure android ROM and there are no annoying applications onboard. Since this ROM is a port, the developer has made sure that everything works out of box. This included some changes that were required to support the Nexus 4 hardware.

Nexus 4 Android Nougat 7.1 download

* Linux kernel 3.4.y merged in (currently 3.4.108 * mostly security patches and minor bug fixes)
* BFQ IO scheduler (official kernel 3.4 release), set up so GUI processes have the highest priority
* F2FS support from kernel 4.9 (for /data only no point of f2fs on /cache)
* SELinux in Enforcing mode

It is important that system folder is unmounted before you install this ROM. Also since this ROM is without gapps, it is required that you install opengapps’ micro.

If you want stock like setup, disable the following built-in (AOSP) apps:
– Android keyboard (once you installed Gboard)
– Browser
– Calculator
– Camera
– Clock
– Email
– Gallery

Rooting is simple as well. Just download and flash latest SuperSU to root the android phone. So if you like plain android experience on your nexus 4, this is the ROM you should install.