Finexbox exchange Review – Finexbox could be on its way to exit scam

Myriad users that have used Finexbox cryptocurrency exchange are complaining about their withdrawals not being processed. Finexbox’s twitter feed is flooded with complains. To counter this issue, instead of processing the withdrawals, their admin has disabled comments in latest tweets.


One user told us that even if you email them, you will not get any response whatsoever. Their official support email address is but one would be wasting their time sending emails. Perhaps, they have stopped checking the emails all together and are preparing for an exit scam.

Finexbox exchange does not run nodes of the coins hosted there. All the deposits and withdrawals are manually processed, if you are lucky. In most cases, if you deposit bitcoin, ripple, stellar, or any popular cyptocurrency, you will not get them back.


One user claimed that they caught the admin playing around with funds stored on this cryptocurrency exchange. When asked via email, for some reason, they did receive a reply this time. It said, “every exchange uses users’ fund and they are no different”.

No exchange uses the funds of users on other exchanges. Perhaps this is the reason why the withdrawals of users are not being processed. The admin is busy gambling around with the funds or sells them for bitcoin or ethereum on other exchanges and then cashes out.

Do not, I repeat, do not send any funds on Finexbox.