Download Vanilla Android ROM for OnePlus 2

We have got hold of vanilla android ROM for the OnePlus 2 smartphone thanks to talented folks at xda-developers. This ROM is based on cyanogen mod oneplus 2 ROM and is much faster and smoother than the Oxygen OS that it originally comes with. Camera quality is also said to be better. You can download the ROM from bottom of this article.

Vanilla Android ROM for OnePlus 2

The developer says that the ROM is still in alpha stage but most of the bugs have been ironed out. Here are the features of this ROM as mentioned by its developer:

Always latest AOSP
With VanillaOS (VanillaUnicorn) you will enjoy the latest AOSP with the latest enhancements.

Open Source
We are open source ! Feel free to look into our latest changes or contribute to our project.

User interface / UX
With VanillaOS (VanillaUnicorn) you are going to have an outstanding experience with latest material design and custom VanillaUnicorn artwork. The UI is always changeable to your desires with the integrated Cyanogen ThemeEngine (CMTE). On top you get custom features to make your journey easier and more comfortable

You can define security with VanillaUnicorn ! Additionaly to SELinux you can define the permissions every app gets granted.

VanillaCoding strives to provide you the maximum of performance your hardware can offer you. This all in a balance with battery life !

Our ROM has no bloat and aims to be clean and simple like AOSP. We can call it light weight. You will enjoy a clean Android experience

Installation instructions:

1. Make sure your OnePlus 2 bootloader is unlocked
2. Ensure you have Oneplus 2 TWRP installed.
3. Copy ROM to micro SD and boot into recovery
4. Flash the ROM. Do a hard reset.