Download Lumia ROM Builder

Get Lumia Interop unlock by installing ROM builder for windows phone

Lumia Interop unlock is now finally possible thanks to excellent talented developers at XDA developers. Previously interop unlock was only limited to Samsung windows phone but finally interop unlock is possible for Lumia branded phones as well. Here are the steps on how to do it.

Download ROMRebuilder for windows phone

1. Download this file on your computer and extract it. You will find two files: ROMRebuilder.7z and customWPsystem. Extract ROMRebulder.7z and copy ROMRebuilder.xap file and Data to SD card.
2. Now copy and install CustomWPSystem v0.6 in phone memory.
3. Change year in phone to 2110 and run Extras + info. When you see an error message, tap uninstall button and set actual date.
4. Change installing applications to SD card.
5. Run CustomWPSystem , select Extra + info and tap Download from store.
6. If the application will be installed, go back to CustomWPSystem, tap SD Card permissions and select SD card. Now button should change to green color.
7. Tap Select the XAP , select ROMRebuilder.xap, and tap Apply XAP.
8. When everything will be done successfully, app Extras+info, will be converted to ROM Rebuilder (although the name remains Extras+info). When you have everything installed and ROM Rebuilder waiting for the commands, you need to do a few other important things.
9. Copy Data.bin to Data folder on SD card. To create Data.bin file, follow these steps:

1. Run ROM Rebuilder and tap Backup button. OEMSettings.reg file will be copied to Backup folder on SD card.
2. File OEMSettings.reg is compressed using gzip. You can open it using e.g 7-zip. Inside archive is located one file. Click on it with the right mouse button and select edit.
3. At the bottom add whole content from additional_entries.reg and save the changes.
4. Change name OEMSettings.reg to Data.bin and copy this file to Data folder on SD card.

Finally, you can press Rebuild button in ROM Builder. Whole process will take a little moment. After getting Success message, you need to do Hard Reset on windows phone.