Download Xreality Engine to Xperia E1

Sony Xreality engine enhances the audio and video experience but since the Sony Xperia E1 is a budget phone, it did not include it. Fortunately XDA is here to rescue and you can download and install Xreality Engine to Xperia E1 easily. It has been tested on both single and dual SIM variants. All that you need is a rooted Xperia E1 and CWM recovery.

Download Xreality Engine to Xperia E1

Steps on installing Xreality engine on Xperia E1

* Download the file from this link.
* Put Downloaded file in SD Card and Go to CWM Recovery and Flash it
* Now Open Build.prop and Add these line in end.

Download Xreality Engine to Sony Xperia E1

Then Save and Exit


Now reboot and enjoy.