Download Galaxy S6 lock screen for Note 3 N900

If you don a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N900, you can download the new Galaxy S6 lock screen on it. Samsung has a habit of tweaking and updating the lock screen of their Galaxy devices and the Galaxy S6 lock screen looks sleeker and sweeter than ever. It looks very clean and elegant. If you want to get all features of Galaxy S6 on note 3 then we suggest installing this ROM from galaxy note news portal.

galaxy s6 lock screen note 3

You can download it link given below. Then to install it, go into custom recovery of Note 4  and browse for the file you downloaded. Select Install to install the Galaxy S6 lock screen on Note 3 N900.

To further make it like Galaxy S6, you can install touch wiz themes of S6 on Note 3 using our tutorial.