Galaxy S6 ROM for Note 3 N9005

Folks at XDA developers have ported Galaxy S6 ROM to Note 3 N9005 USA LTE version. The final build is very stable and is perfect for day to day use. It includes the new Samsung official memory manager and following Galaxy S6 features:

galaxy s6 rom for note 3

S6 transplant weather (can stretch the weather display optional AROMA)
S6 transplant starter (5×5 optional AROMA does not currently support the overall theme S6)
S6 transplant Calculator
S6 transplant wallpaper
S6 transplant recorder
S6 browser transplant
S6 transplant Calendar
S6 transplant newsletter
S6 transplant Samsung store
Transplant S6 File Manager
S6 transplant Task Manager
S6 start-up tone
S6 transplant dialers (AROMA optional)
S6 transplant powerful intelligent assistant
S6 transplant email

samsung galaxy s6 rom for note 3

Install it using clock work mod or twrp recovery for Note 3. It is great to see S6 features ported to Note 3. Just few days back Note 4 and S5 features were ported to Galaxy Note 3.