Download CWM Recovery for LG Optimus G Pro (International Version)

Few days back, clockwork mod recovery was released for the ATT Optimus G Pro, but today, XDA developers have rolled out instructions on how to download and install CWM recovery for the International version of LG Optimus G Pro. Here are the instructions.

Download CWM Recovery for LG Optimus G Pro

1. Download the application from here.
2. Install it on your phone and open it.
3. Tap on 2nd-init recovery and click on reboot recovery to make sure everything went smoothly.

Keep in mind – Boot image cannot be changed right now and if to reboot into recovery by pressing button – then just reboot it and you will see the button flickering. Then, click any button fast to get into recovery. That is it.

Update – newer TWRP is available for the LG Optimus G Pro variants, E980 and F240. All the functions of this TWRP recovery for the LG Optimus G Pro are working properly except for ADB side loading. After flashing it, if you go into bootloop, simply clear the cache, dalvik and reboot.