Download AOSP Note 3 Neo ROM and get root automatically

There is a new XDA ROM available for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo that allows you to enjoy AOSP with Touch Wiz. The ROM was is based on stock N7505XXUCNH1 and its kernel is from a french firmware. It comes with Aroma installer and is pre rooted as well. There is no Samsung crap on it.

Download AOSP Note 3 Neo ROM

So you will not find Shealth, svoice, s planner, scloud, stranslator, my magazine, Samsung apps, gallery, stock camera, stock mms app, stock browser, stock music app, evernote, flipboard and easy mode. The samsung keyboard is replaced with google keyboard and the developer has added Keep, google camera, google calendar, google launcher and google geniewidget which are actually useful for the end user.

It is knox free and the stock Calculator, Setup wizard, clock and sound recorder are replaced with AOSP ones.

Installation instructions.

1. Make sure you have your n7505 rooted on stock rom and with latest TWRP installed
2. Download and install the rom from here.
3. Swipe and follow the installer instructions
4. Click reboot and enjoy the rom