Download Deodexed Note Edge ROM

A full fledge Deodexed ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is available for download. The ROM is build on the N915KKTU1BOC2 and is pre rooted. There is no Samsung Bloatware on this Note Edge ROM so you would not find any Samsung applications on it.

Deodexed Galaxy Note Edge

Install Deodexed Note Edge ROM

To install it, make a back up of current data. Make sure you on the latest stock firmware which is v5.0.1. Then root your note edge and install CWM recovery. Go into recovery (power button + volume up) and do a full wipe. Then format the system by going into “mounts and storage” > “format system”. Download and put the deodexed Note Edge ROM into the SD card. Install it by going into recovery. Reboot when it installed.

There is a bug in ROM that Internet does not work out of box. Fortunately the fix is easy. Take any phone with hotspot capability and turn its 4g / 3g off. Then turn on hotspot on it and connect your Note Edge to it. Turn it off and connect to your local Wi-Fi.