Dell Venue Pro 11 specifications: Atom X5 / X7, Windows 10 and USB-C port

Dell Venue Pro 11 is going to be first laptop to be equipped with USB Type-C port which is the same one that was made its debut in the Macbook 12 inch 2015 model and Chromebook Pixel. The new USB replaces a wide range of interfaces acting as power connector, HDMI and Display Port. However you must buy a adapter for each if your current peripheral does not uses USB-C port. Using this new USB port, you will be able to charge your device, connect it to a monitor, storage or other external devices.

Dell Venue Pro 11 specifications 2015

The new model will be released in September and will come pre loaded with windows 10 operating system, Intel Atom X5 / Atom X7 processor, 3D real sense room and reversible USB-C port.  

The current gen Dell Venue Pro 11 features Atom Bay trail processor and windows 8.1 pro and we feel the upcoming model will pack a lot more than just being a minor update with processor update.