AORUS B360 Review: Aorus B360 Gaming 3 Wifi motherboard


The motherboard is one of the main components of our computer and, unfortunately, it is usually also one in which people tend to skimp on expenses, spending a fortune on a processor, RAM, NVMe units, a top graphic of range and leaving the plate as a less important component, this is how bottlenecks begin to be born. Depending on the type of components that we are going to assemble and our full budget we must choose a base plate or another to not spend more money from the account and not be able to have performance problems. So, if we are setting up a mid-range computer and we do not intend to overclock it, we have a great choice on the  Aorus B360 GAMING 3 WIFI board.

The  Aorus B360 GAMING 3 WIFI motherboard is one of the latest models released by Gigabyte Aorus that assembles the B360 chipset, one of the last Intel chipsets inferior to the Z370 for users who do not need the most advanced chipset from the processor manufacturer. and do not intend, for example, to overclock the team.

This motherboard will allow us to mount an eighth-generation Intel Coffee Lake processor on its socket 1151, in addition to allowing us to mount up to 64 GB of RAM in its 4 sockets, capable of running at a maximum frequency of 2666 Mhz.

The Aorus B360 GAMING 3 WIFI also comes with a Realtek ALC892 codec, 6 SATA connections at 6 Gbps, two M.2 connectors (compatible with Intel Optane ) and two PCIe ports for graphics (16X and 4X respectively) compatible with AMD CorssFire technology. This motherboard also has several elements with RGB backlight, even having the ability to customize your lighting directly from the BIOS itself.

In addition to the previous specifications, one of the most important elements of this motherboard is its connectivity. Obviously, this board mounted a Gigabit Ethernet network card that will offer a maximum speed of 1000 Mbps LAN, perfect to take advantage of today’s most advanced FTTH modes.

In addition to the network card, this board comes with a Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac module (also compatible with Bluetooth protocol 5) that will allow us to connect to a wireless router at a speed of up to 1.73 Gb / s, speed even higher than what we can get connected by cable.