Razer Atrox and Razer Panthera Arcade Stick are new arcade controls for Xbox One and PS4 with Dragon Ball decoration

Razer Panthera Arcade Stick

The specialist in the design and manufacture of gaming peripherals, Razer, has just presented its new arcade controls Razer Atrox Arcade Stick and Razer Panthera Arcade Stick. Decorated with an eye-catching design based on the Dragon Ball FighterZ game, the new controls have been created to be used with the current Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. Inspired by the usual traditional arcade machines (which we have all played with more or less devotion when we were young), the arcade controls are a market share of the market that is very popular among those who know how to enjoy the experience of pounding several buttons simultaneously. If we told you about the hours we spent standing in front of an arcade machine, you would not believe us.

Leaving behind the nostalgia, the new arcade controls Razer Atrox Arcade Stick and Razer Panthera Arcade Stick are the perfect complements for those gamers who enjoy pressing buttons very quickly, and doing combos with them. By not counting its vertical command, eight directions, which ends up rounding the similarities with the traditional arcade machines where we have left the money of our weekly payments.

The two models of Razer arcade controls will be manufactured each for a current console model. On the one hand, the Razer Atrox Arcade Stick will be manufactured to be used with Microsoft’s Xbox One console. For its part, the Razer Panthera Arcade Stick will be manufactured to be used with the Sony PlayStation 4 console. In both cases, they can be purchased in versions with a normal decoration, or with a decoration based on the popular arcade game Dragon Ball FighterZ. This version will bring all the buttons decorated with the motifs of the seven Dragon Balls.

Apart from these seven buttons, the arcade controls will incorporate another 3 extra buttons. And all the buttons are easy to personalize by their users. Also, inside the remote there is a compartment where you can store an extra cable with screw closure, a screwdriver and a couple of extra buttons. As well as an extra joystick, although this must be purchased separately.

The price of both models of arcade controls of Razer is the same in both cases: 239.99 euros