Zotac ZBOX IQ01 with Core i7-4770T Review

This is the review of the Zotac Zbox IQ01 mini PC that is equipped with the Intel Core i7 4770T processor. This octa thread processor  has four cores, all of which are clocked at 2.5 GHz and has turbo boost of 3.7 GHz. Also present is a 8 MB cache – all of which runs at 45 watt TDP.

Zotac Zbox IQ01 review

Zotac Zbox IQ01 with Core i7-4770T Specs

Memory    DDR3-1600 SO-DIMM / 2 slot (up to 16GB)
Chipset    Intel H87 Express
Expansion slot    2.5-inch bay, mSATA slot
Graphics    Processor built-in Intel HD Graphics 4600, DisplayPort × 2, DVI-I
Network    Gigabit Ethernet × 2, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0
Interface    (Front × 1 / upper surface × 1 / rear × 2), SD card reader, voice input / output, USB 3.0 × 4 S / PDIF
Size / weight    188 × 188 × 51mm (width × height x depth ×)
Other    Stand, Wi-Fi antenna, DVI-VGA adapter, DVI-HDMI conversion adapter, AC adapter, power cable VESA mount, vertical

zotac zbox iq01 specs

There are two DDR3-1600 SO-DIMM slots for memory that can accommodate up to 16GB. Built in graphics are present, Intel HD graphics 4600 to be precise. There are two output ports too – DVI-I and 2x display ports.

Core i7-4770T test

Zotac Zbox IQ01 review

Core i7-4770T supports 4K resolution

The processor is capable of outputting 4K resolution as well. The CPU is very powerful. Here are its benchmark scores -  PCMark 8 Version 2 2863. CrystalMark became 15928. 3DMark ALU 69257, FPU 58606, MEM 73509, HDD 26162, GDI 19903, D2D 7625, OGL and Fire Strike 770/Cloud Gate 6661/Ice Storm 60726.

Core i7-4770T supports 4K resolution

ZOTAC "ZBOX IQ01" is a powerful desktop PC equipped with a quad core, octa threaded i7-4770T processor and boasts a slim profile measuring just 188 × 188 × 51mm. And there are two Display Ports and Gigabit Ethernet ports as well. There are abundant interfaces to plug in your favorite peripherals as well.

Core i7-4770T benchmark

Storage is one of the best point about this Zbox IQ01 as it supports both built-in mSATA drive and 2.5 inches. You can read the original Japanese review at pcwatch.