Zbox PI221 specifications: fanless windows 10 TV stick

Zbox PI221 specifications (1)

The Chinese company Zotac, which is headquartered in Hong Kong, is well known in our latitudes, and may not be missing at the Computex trade show in Taiwan. We looked around on the ground and among others the Mini PC Zotac Zbox caught us PI221.

Passive cooling

The Zbox PI221 differs from the model with the number PI220 actually only by the passive cooling, the aluminum body comes here without the mini-fan. At Computex 2016, the device has been shown and also convinced the professional audience, since one has been awarded the “Design and Innovation Award in Computers and Systems”.

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Of course, the absence of the fan has a noise reduction result, because although only put small fan in mini PCs, can make the already duly noise when the system has to be cooled. When Zotac Zbox PI221, which can be described as classic HDMI PC stick, attempts are made ​​to regulate the cooling via the housing, if it works sustainably, the device needs but only in practice prove. The processing in any case is more than just neat, the aforementioned design prize goes no doubt why perfectly fine. Under the hood send an Intel Atom x5 plugged-Z8300, this has a base clock of 1.44 GHz, if necessary, it goes up to up to 1.84 GHz.

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4 gigabyte limit

As memory only two gigabytes installed, but has economic reasons and not technical. Because Microsoft provides a lower-cost Windows 10 license only for devices with four gigabytes available. And in this comparatively new PC-class, the price war is out pretty hard.However, we were able to eat out in experience, that there are certainly considerations when Zotac to offer a 4 GB version, even if this would be between 25 and 50 Dollar more expensive.