Xperia E1: Remove Bloatware and Improve Performance

Someone at XDA has been able to find all the bloatware on the Sony Xperia E1 and has made a zip fole that removes all the bloatware apps that are using space and eating RAM. This script removes 100 bloatware total and it also removes APK and ODEX files. This means more speed and battery life. Bootimes are also said to have decreased a lot.

xperia e1 bloatware remover

There are four De bloating scripts. Use them with philz recovery for Xperia E1 and flash the zip in CWM. — This will remove everything that is useless, such as Sony apps, services, pre-installed Bloatware (exclude File Commander), System apps — This will only remove pre-installed Sony apps (Walkman, Album, Select, Longue, etc..) — This will only remove junk apps (exclude many Sony apps), but will not touch Android System’s apps — This will remove EVERYTHING, You will only have Messaging, Dialer, GPS. Pretty much a heavily slimmed down Android

By the way, here is the list of apps that are deleted with the bloatware removable script – Update Center, All Plugins (FB, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube), Google Chrome, Settings wizard, Sony apps (exclude Walkman, Album, Video), Google apps (Games, Films, etc..), Sony themes, Sony wallpapers, Widgets, Data logging junks (Anonymous data for ex.)