Why Apple iPhone 6 sucks and disappoints tech community?

A working version of unreleased Apple iPhone 6 was leaked by our Chinese friends and it has already disappointed the tech community. We can already see what is new in this iPhone besides bigger display and chassis – Nothing.

Other than the iPhone 6 being able to pack two more rows of icons, it does nothing extra. We have been saying this for years now that Apple’s growth has stagnated and the interface is boring. It has not changed since the first iPhone.

It seems that other people are finally starting to think the same thing. However we are very sure that some people will be like OMG! one more row of icons.

OMG! one more row of icons

Also the apps on the home page look so small on that display. This phone, if what is to be released, its an existing design blown up to compete with the size of the Android devices.

We are extremely disappointed. This is not market innovation this is market regurgitation / stagnation to which they are just trying to catch up with Android. What is going to set this phone apart from android which, now holds the market share? We are very sure that the Windows Phone will surpass Apple’s market share by end of 2015.

Apple iPhone 6 sucks

Apple is clearly dependent on their blind fans and third party developers who are doing the dirty work and keeping the iPhone brand alive. The Cupertino giant should change their slogan to this now.

Yesterday’s technology at tomorrow’s prices.