What the hell is Hell Coin?

The time has finally come to decentralize the Hell. With the help of Judas Iscariot, the traitor and supporter of Satanism, Satan created the cryptocurrency for Hell. Because why the hell not?! Unlike most dubious cryptocurrencies, the Hell coin promises to make you rich and give all the materialistic benefits one can imagine.

Here are the features of Hell coin:

Makes you rich – Satanism will make you rich and powerful. It is a guarantee.
Materialistic – Satan and his disciples are materialistic. They love embracing pleasures.
Unmatchable speeds – Hell Coin gives you wings. No shit.

Also you do not need to contribute much. Even as little as one cent will do and even that can give you near infinite gains.

So why Now? By making use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology breakthroughs, the Hell Coin http://hellcoin.network/ has been developed to become Satan’s own currency from ground up. The hell coin will become the defacto currency of choice in hell.

Will the official cryptocurrency of Hell succeed? Only time will tell but judging by the quality of the website and witty stuff, the Hell Coin should be a great success. After all, if some cryptocurrencies can do 10x just by showing their whitepaper, *cough* Cardano *cough, then Hell Coin has bright future as well.