TRTLBot TRTLStand iPhone Stand Review

The TRTLStand is a simple, basic affair that serves as both a bumper case to keep the Antenna gate issues on most iPhone 4s at bay, but comes with a special extra feature: a rear-mounted kickstand that drops back with a flick of a fingertip over a notch that holds it in place. Next thing you know, you’ve got an angled support for your conversations or various other touch screen endeavors.

TRTLBot TRTLStand iPhone Stand Review

It’s spectacularly simple, with just a simple notch holding a simple kickstand in place to turn it from a flat surface to an angled one. And yes, it will actually work with your iPod Touch as well, though it is a bit tight of a fit. It may be nothing more than a glorified bumper case, but it’s also one hell of a good bumper case. If you’re going to be simple, then be great, and no one will ever forget you. It worked for Forrest Gump, and it works for the TRTLStand. Doubly so since one of these costs a mere $29.95.

TRTLStand iPhone Stand Review

So if you’re looking for a new bumper case for your iPhone 4 that will give you plenty of extra utility, check out the TRTLStand from the folks at TRTLBot. Simple and basic, sure, but also very, very useful.

The Good
Easy to use
Surprisingly effective
The Bad
It’s just an iPhone 4 case

Score 9 / 10