Samsung Galaxy S5 Experience App lures you to buy the phone

If you are one of those interested users who want to see what Samsung Galaxy S5 has to offer, the company has released a Galaxy S5 Experience app that teases all the new features of the handset on any Android phone out there. This is something Samsung has done with a few devices as of late and the company is doing the same with the S5.


GALAXY S5 Experience App Structure
1. GALAXY S5 Feature Experience mode
– Interactive experience modes offered in an intuitive way
2. GALAXY S5 Hands on Video
– Video clips of key features (linked to YouTube)
3. GALAXY S5 Design Preview
– Experience design with different colors and angles
4. Wearable Device(Gear2 and Fit)
– Introduction of Gear 2 and Fit main features
5. GALAXY S5 Accessories introduction
– Introduction of GALAXY S5’s key accessories

The Experience application is available for download from play store. All you need is a device with WVGA display, 1GHz processor and 1 gigabyte of RAM. It does not runs on tablets.