Samsung Galaxy Note II Reviews

The first generation Galaxy Note was an impressive success and the company is betting that the Note II will surpass Note 1’s sales sooner than expected. The reviews of the Note 2 have been very impressive so far.

note 2 review

GalaxyNotenews“While the Galaxy Note 2 is by no means a small phone and is not for everyone, it is the most powerful and exciting phone out there. iPhone 5 is amazing but iOS is a huge let down by all means. It will change your life. For ever.”

Phonearena“this is one beastly of a smartphone in every way, shape, and form. From its hardcore specs sheet, to its lovely looking 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display, it’s donning hardware that’s no doubt fitting for any top-shelf smartphone.”

slashgear note 2 review

Slashgear“First time around, Samsung had to convince us there was still a place for the stylus with today’s smartphones. That ice has already been broken for the Galaxy Note II, and while its audience is undoubtedly smaller than for the Galaxy S III, perhaps, or the iPhone 5, those opting for Samsung’s biggest smartphone will find themselves with a handset whose capabilities are even bigger than its display.”