Root Note 5 SM-N920 Exynos android phone

You can now root SM-N920 version of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. For this you require TWRP Note 5 custom recovery and one of these models, SM-N920C / CD / G / I, SM-N9200 and SM-N9208_SEA. I have been told that SM-N9208_TW works as well but I have not tested it. Rooting instructions are given below.
Root Note 5 SM-N920

  1. If you have systemless root installed, then you must REMOVE it as this kernel will auto-root a proven and stable 2.52 binary into system.

    Open SuperSU app
    Select "Full unroot" option
    Reboot (or flash kernel)
    Re-install SuperSU app

  2. Uninstall any CPU control apps, tweaks and init.d scripts etc.
  3. Recommend: Disable or remove KNOX (you can disable with Synapse once kernel is flashed)
  4. Install Synapse app from Google Play and rate it ☆☆☆☆☆ !!
  5. Device Settings:

    Enable Developer Options > OEM UNLOCK
    If flashing from any custom kernel with Synapse app > Device settings > Applications > Synapse > Force Stop > clear data

  6. If not installed > Install SuperSU from Google Play:
  7. N9200/N9208: unlock your bootloader >> Install and run CROM service unlock app from Galaxy App Store (this will probably wipe your accounts). If you have problems with CROM, try without it !
  8. Boot into custom recovery and flash FOR YOUR DEVICE and reboot
  9. After boot:
    a) wait at least 120 secs to stabilize
    b) Open Synapse
    c) Tap "Understood"
    d) DO this step so some defaults are set !!

    1. tap the square menu button top right hand corner
    2. tap the three dots button
    3. "select all globally"
    4. tap the back button next to it
    5. apply

* Based on official Samsung source: Samsung OSRC
* ramdisk source:
N9200 ZCU2AOL2
N9208 XXU2AOL1
* Compiled with Linaro gcc-linaro-4.9-2015.02-3-x86_64_aarch64-linux-gnu
* Linux 3.10.96
* AUTO-ROOT binary v2.52 & Install busybox v1.24.1-Dorimanx
* SELinux PERMISSIVE  (for Titanium Backup and other apps to work correctly)
* adb insecure
* stock dt.img
* init.d script support (drop in script & set permissions to 755 or 777 and reboot)
* Possible Screen Mirroring / AllShare Cast fix
* Secure storage = false (should prevent WIFI settings & passwords wiping on reboots)
* RAM management tweaks
* GearVR reported working (depends on ROM/firmware version installed)
* Synapse app support for many kernel configurations + more.
* Many descriptions are in the app. If you require more info, don’t be lazy, please SEARCH like I did