Olixar BabyBoom review, a great mini bluetooth speaker with excellent sound output

Olixar BabyBoom is a wireless mini speaker that can be used with your Bluetooth equipped phone or laptop. It packs enough punch with enough volume to fill a small room nicely. Here is how the Olixar BabyBoom looks like in my hand.

While this Bluetooth speaker is really tiny, it packs quite a lot of features. There are buttons at the bottom to pause / play and skip tracks. There is also a microphone on its sides that lets you use it as a speaker phone which is ideal for conference calls, Skype or FaceTime session.

So how it the sound output of Olixar BabyBoom? It is actually very good with decent bass levels which is surprising for something that costs less than 20 pounds.

Once charged, the Olixar BabyBoom can run up to six hours of battery on a single charge. You can charge it using the included cable or any micro USB charger. There is a line in port and a cable (included in box) that makes it compatible with non-Bluetooth devices like Apple iPod.

Verdict – The Olixar BabyBoom is the perfect accessory for your laptop or smartphone. Ability to get rich sound output and use it for prolonged Skype and Facebook sessions are big plus points of it. You can get it from mobilefun.co.uk.