Nvidia Tegra K1 64-bit Gets Benchmarked

Nvidia released the new 64 bit mobile processor, the Tegra K1, and now this SoC has made its appearance on AnTuTu benchmark database. The K1 was spotted on benchmark app, and looking at its score, it appears to be a very powerful CPU. There will be two variants of this CPU when it will be made available to the OEMs for use in tablets and smart phones, a dual core 64 bit and a 32 bit quad core variant.


The benchmark score of the 64 bit variant is 43617 while the 32 bit version scored 43851. This clearly shows that either Nvidia did not optimize the CPU to the max or AnTuTu does not make use of all available cores.


While no concrete date has been given on its release date, we expect the first phones and tablets to be made available by H2 2014.

We will let you more information on Nvidia Tegra K1  including details of phones and tablets that will be using this CPU in coming weeks.

Source: mydrivers