Nokia XL: Download CM10 Cyanogen Mod 10

If you want to enjoy vanilla Android experience on your Nokia XL, the best way is to go and install CM10 also known as Cyanogen Mod 10. Since the ROM is still pretty much a WIP, we suggest you not to use it as your daily driver. In fact there are some know problems or bugs.

ON_IOC_ALLOC error warning Out of memory (in logcat)
Fast drain battery
Latest Facebook & Messenger not working (use old Facebook app)
FM radio not working (same thing before ported)

Here is what is working so far:

Dual sim 3G/2G
Camera Front/Rear working fine
All Sensor
Rotation 0,90, & 270 degrees
CPU performance (Over clocking)
Micro phone

Nokia XL Download CM10 Cyanogen Mod 10

Here is its installation procedure:

1. Make sure you have its custom recovery installed
2. We suggest installing TWRP (touch recovery).
3. Download CM10 zip file from bottom link.
4. Copy it to SD card
5. Go to Recovery mode by pressing both Volume up + Power button
6. Select the zip and flash it.
7. Just wait to finish and enjoy.

Get CWM clock work mod recovery for Nokia XL

CWM also known as Clock work mod recovery lets you install custom firmwares and unauthorized stuff on your Nokia XL. The CWM for Nokia XL is same as the one for Nokia X but has build.prop modified. To install it use the Nokia X Flasher tool and flash recovery partition.

CWM for Nokia XL, Kernel for the Nokia XL

The CWM for Nokia XL is made from Cyanogen Mod 11 sources and kernel sources by Nokia. It shall be noted that you will void the warranty by flashing this CWM on your Nokia XL.