Moto E Custom kernel for cyanogen mod firmwares

An XDA user has churned out a custom kernel for the Motorola Moto E. The kernel offers superior performance and manages the memory and background processes better. Here are its full list of features:

* Compiled with Linaro Toolchain 4.7
* Flags -04
* Tweaked all governos
* Tweaked all I/O
* FastFPE optimize Float point emulator
* Increase VM min/max
* Hardcode Enable Quantum more larger and read queues more larger too * VFP Optimizations

To install it you must have a Moto E with unlocked boot loader and of course a CM based ROM to begin with. To install this kernel, follow these instructions:

* Download current version
* Reboot to FastBoot
* Flash Boot.img
* Reboot


Update: XDA has pulled the firmware so keep an eye on the source.