Macbook Pro: How to clone hard disk to SSD including operating system

So you just bought an SSD a k a solid state drive for your Macbook Pro and now you are looking to clone that old and slow hard disk and move all that data including the operating system to the new drive. Believe us, the Macbook Pro are still the best of Apple laptop line up and they become unbeatable after adding in an SSD.

How to clone hard disk to SSD

The one I personally recommend getting for your Macbook Pro is Samsung 850 Evo SSD. I have been using its predecessor, the Samsung 840 Evo for over an year now and it has been superb and trouble free so far. The Samsung 850 Evo solid state drives come with good enough warranty and it really hits a sweet spot when it comes to price.

Clone Macbook Pro HDD to SSD

Anyway let us get back to topic, that is how to clone the Macbook Pro hard disk to SSD. For the cloning I personally like the SuperDuper utility. This simple-to-use tool is a simple, powerful piece of software and its free version is good enough for the most users.

clone macbook pro hdd

You can use the SuperDuper to clone the HDD’s contents to your new SSD. Make sure you have partitioned it through Disk Utility using any generic USB to SATA adapter. This way, you can make sure the drive is ready to go before you start opening up your computer and moving things.

usb to sata adapter

Click on Copy Now button to start cloning.