Lenovo A540 Specifications, All in one PC with touch screen

Lenovo A450 is an all in one computer that tries to combine the best of all of one computers in a thin and adjustable package. The Lenovo A450 is made for families and features a premium looking aluminum body that acts as house to its powerful Intel Core i7 CPU, nvidia geforce GT 840A GPU, Dolby home theater JBL speakers and NFC.

Lenovo A540 specifications include a TV tuner too

You can get it with an optional TV tuner too and it makes perfect sense to go with this option as it comes with a big 23.8 inch full HD display packing 1920×1080 pixel resolution. The bezel is mere 4mm at the edge.

Lenovo A540 Specifications

The screen of the A540 support 10 point multi touch input which is pretty standard for PC with windows 8. You can adjust the screen from -5 degree to 90. Price of the Lenovo A540 is USD 1,279.99 / €1,279.99.