Iradish Y6 smartwatch is a perfect Galaxy Note companion

Iradish Y6 is a smartwatch for those who want an Apple Watch lookalike and do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a smartwatch. It is powered by powerful processor and comes in variety of colors that include silver, rose gold, black and yellow gold. All of them look absolutely fantastic. It is compatible with all android phones and features a SIM card slot that allows you to use it as standalone phone. To make a call, simply fire up the phone dialer on your smartwatch and start talking into its built in microphone.

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The screen of the Iradish Y6 measures 1.54 inches and pack 240 x 240 pixel resolution that ensures that the watch look very crisp. The screen feels very premium to touch thanks to the 2.5D glass and aluminum casing that surrounds it. The band is made from hardening process and can withstand daily abuse.

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The Iradish Y6 packs removable battery and micro SD card expansion slot that lets you easily replace battery and expand storage respectively. Support for all GSM frequencies is there, so you are getting a world phone that is not on contract for cheap. You can buy one for $33 from

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The Iradish Y6 comes pre loaded with a web browser that lets you surf the web directly on the phone. Of course, you get smartwatch specific functions too such as ability to sync your android phone’s phone book, messages, emails and notifications. This allows you to access various functions on your smartwatch without taking the phone out of your pocket. Alerts can be in form of a tone or vibration.

It comes with some very intelligent features as anti-lost that alert you when your phone goes out of range of the watch. This will ensure you never leave the phone behind. There is a camera onboard as well. All pictures are stored on the micro SD card slot.