HTC One X Android Lollipop available for Download

While HTC One X development has been halted by HTC, folks at XDA are still churning out ROM for it on full swing. For instance, we now have its Android lollipop 5.0 ROM available for download. While it is not official by any means, it is great alternative.

HTC One X Android Lollipop

HTC One X Android Lollipop download link

Since Gapps are not included in the ROM, you can install them separately from below link:

HTC One X Android Lollipop Installation instructions

1. Make sure you have custom recovery like CWM or TWRP pre installed.
2. Then copy ROM’s ZIP file along with Gapps file to the internal SD card and boot into recovery
3. Then flash ROM file first and then gapps file. Make sure to do a factory reset by going into recovery again after those two zip files have been installed.
4. Reboot and never restore apps using titanium backup. Also never use Xposed with this Lollipop ROM.

HTC One X Android Lollipop: Features of the ROM

* Volume panel timeout
* Clear recents location
* Heads up customization
– Quick access button on expanded status bar
– Swipe behavior
– Touch outside behavior
– Time out
– Do not disturb
– Blacklist
* SlimRoms custom lock screen shortcuts
* Navbar on/off
* Hardare keys on/off (in devices supported)
* Power menu in navring targets
* SlimPie controls with all working
* Sound panel option om power menu
* Super user indicator (Notification, Statusbar icon or no indicator)
* Force expanded notifications on expanded status bar
* Power menu and notifications tiles
* Four tiles per row
* Vibrate on tiles touch
* Disable quick settings on secure lock screen
* Kill app back button configurable timeout
* Omni-Ambient Display