How to Print Using Galaxy Note 10.1

How to Print Using Galaxy Note 10.1I received this question via email today from a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Galaxy Note 800) user:
’Hello galaxy note news! I love my Galaxy Note 10.1 but I am unable to figure out how do I print from this tablet?’

Challenge accepted. We will be making use of Google’s service called Cloud Print. We are also assuming that the printer is connected to one of your computers. 

1. Download Chrome Browser on your desktop.
2. Go to Advanced Settings Link in Settings.
3. Scroll down to "Google Cloud Print"
4. Click "Manage Print Settings…", and pretty much follow the instructions from there.

Then on your tablet,
1. Download "PrinterShare" from Play Store.
2. Follow instructions. When given the option you will choose Cloud Printer.
3. Print by sharing your document with your PrinterShare. Works best if you share it as an image file.
4. You can adjust the layout of the printed document just prior to printing.