How to convert ZCash to Currency: Zcash to USD EUR INR

If you are recently started mining Zcash, you might be confused on how to convert Zcash to currency (eg, USD, EUR, INR etc) that you can use in daily life. We have made a small tutorial on how to do. First, let us assume you have bought some Zcash using fiat currency or you have set up a mining rig. For mining Zcash, Nvidia graphics cards work the best and even the people with the Nvidia Pascal based graphics cards can mine Zcash pretty easily. Just make sure that the room is not too hot. For instance, MSI Trident 3 Arctic Edition comes with Nvidia 1070 graphics card which is great for mining Zcash. The specs of MSI Trident 3 are bit overkill for sure in terms of specifications but if you already have one, you can underclock CPU and make some money.

convert ZCash to Currency

Anyway, set up a wallet for Zcash. is one Zcash wallet example. Then start mining Zcash using Nvidia or AMD and as said earlier going with Nvidia is suggested. The Zcash pool will be sending money to your wallet once the threshold crosses. I have set mine at 0.2 ZEC so that I always have some money to play around with.

Now make an account on and select your country. Then visit and get ZEC Zcash converted to BTC and then send it to your localbitcoins’s bitcoin wallet. You will find plenty of options where you will find people who can give you money via paypal, cash or to your bank.

This might be complicated at the beginning, but those of us that are used to trading in Forex with different currencies is the most common thing. Also, each country indeed have different solutions.