How to choose the best dog GPS trackers in 2019?

If you love your dog, surely thinking about losing it causes your heart to shrink. But today this risk is much less than a few years ago thanks to GPS technology. With a small GPS tracking device, you can have your dog located at all times, even if it is not in a place where you can see it.Do you know how to choose the best dog GPS trackers in 2019?Before making the purchase decision, consider the following 7 factors.

Size and design

It is important to consider the size of your dog when purchasing a GPS tracker for a dog. The tracker can be larger or smaller, the important thing is that you choose one that fits well with the size of your dog. If you have a large dog you can opt for a larger device, which has the advantage that it has larger batteries and, therefore, lasts longer. However, if you have a small dog, it may be very uncomfortable to carry a large tracker. Some brands sell collars with built-in GPS, which is very comfortable.But, even if it is a large dog, it is convenient that the locator is as small as possible, thus causing less discomfort.

Operating coverage and accuracy

The operating range is a factor to take into account when purchasing a GPS tracker for a dog. In general, those who use mobile networks or energy-efficient networks are usually able to track your pet without a distance limit, in addition to showing you, quite accurately, the exact location where it is located.As for the trackers that work with radio waves, their range is much lower, limited to several hundred meters, in addition to not giving you an exact location, but they work by proximity, indicating when you approach or move away from your dog.

Battery duration

When purchasing a GPS tracker for your dog, make sure you are very clear about its battery duration. The more battery capacity you have, the more it will hold, which will be especially useful if your dog gets lost.It is also important that you include a function that alerts you when the battery level is low, so you can charge it before it is consumed.


It is a factor that is often not taken into account but is very important. You have to choose a GPS that can work in your country and that has an app that is in your language or another language that you can understand. If the app does not have maps of your country, it will not help you to locate your dog.

Monthly Fee

It is normal for some brands to charge a monthly or quarterly fee to the users of their tracking devices for the service they provide.There are some personal GPS trackers no monthly fee in the market and you only need to pay once for the device itself, and have no extra cost afterwards.

Impermeability and water resistance

It is, without a doubt, another factor to take into account. Make sure that the GPS tracker you buy for your dog is waterproof, so you will know that you will have no problem if it starts to rain. If you have a dog who likes to take a dip, then try to make it submersible.

Additional functions

In the market there are GPS trackers for dogs that allow you to track the activity of your furry, informing you of the distance you travel each day, of your caloric consumption or the quality of your sleeping hours.Since you invest money to track your dog, why not buy a device that also offers other functions?