E Fun Nextone Smartwatch Specs Price Release Date Battery Life

E Fun, a budget tablet manufacture has churned out a USD 100 smartwatch. Called the NextOne, it has 1.5 inch display and pairs with Android and iOS devices. Like Samsung Galaxy Gear, the NextOne shows notifications from your phone.

E Fun Nextone Smartwatch price

The E Fun Nextone Smartwatch release date is Q1 2014, and its price, as mentioned earlier is USD 100. It is also capable of displaying weather updates, and you can install third party apps too.

E Fun Nextone Smartwatch battery life

Entire watch is made of plastic and the display, as said by liliputing is of very poor quality. Viewing angles are narrow, and thus it can be tough to view from certain angles.

E Fun Nextone Smartwatch release date

The E Fun Nextone Smartwatch specs say that it runs Android 4.1 jelly bean operating system and it connects to the phone via Bluetooth 2.0. We must say that the manufacture has done an excellent job in hiding that from user. It is incredibly stable and never crashed once.

E Fun Nextone Smartwatch Specs

The watch can be used to control music playback of your Android / iOS phone. Like Galaxy Gear, you can view and respond to phone calls. Another cool feature is the ability to use the NextOne as remote trigger for the smartphone camera.

Battery life is said to be around 2 days, which is about 2x compared to Galaxy Gear by Samsung.